How do I add the final touch to my gifting?

How do I add the final touch to my gifting?

I thought I would write about adding the final touch to a special gift.  The reason I set up Hopping Dog Cards is to add that special something to gift and present giving along with sending lovely birthday cards to friends and loved ones.  

For me, the giving a birthday card has always meant so much to me, as has the receiving of a card.  For years I have kept all my birthday, anniversary and Christmas cards and they are all catalogued into bags and they have really fond memories for me.  Creating something of my own is and will always be so full of pleasure. 

People give cards for all sorts of reasons, and you may give a card when you know the person well enough to do this but, not maybe to give a present.  The card acts as a link for a long distance friendship or just to say you are thinking of someone. 

With this I decided a card should have a matching wrapping paper and always gift tags too.  Some people like to give the same themed cards and wraps and so we have plenty choose from.  Most of our designs have the matching set and this gives real pleasure to the giver and the receiver.


If you would like to see more of our ranges then please visit our wrapping paper and birthday cards here 

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