How Ribbons are the finishing touch to you presents

How Ribbons are the finishing touch to you presents



Ribbons are just the great way to add the finishing touch to your presents.  We love our ribbons and use them for our photo shoots and when sending presents out to family and friends.  They make the wrapping paper really stand out!

When matching ribbons to wrapping paper there are a few points and tips to remember.  

Our tips for choosing the perfect ribbon

  • Always buy good quality ribbon and if you can buy from a good shop where you can get some really good advice on colours and finishes 
  • You don't have to get matching ribbon, but you can if you want to, and a colour contrast is always good to have. 
  • There are different finishes for the ribbons so for examples you can use a satin finish or a nylon heavily coloured ribbon.  
  • The length of ribbon is really important.  I tend to use about 1.5 metres per present and the size of the present is anything up to about 148 x 210mm.  This size is about an A5 so half of a letter size.  Also remember have a bit more ribbon as you may wish to create a beautiful bow.
  • There are plenty of shops on the high street which sell ribbon, you don't have to purchase ribbon from the internet and sometimes that experience of being in a shop and feeling the ribbon can really make the difference when choosing your ribbon.
  • Ribbons don't cost that much but have a huge effect when giving your presents so don't worried about buying a ribbon even if it is only for a special present.

Although we always advocate buying from the high street we know online is just as important!   Here are a few of our ribbon suppliers we think you will be able to buy from.

Tiny Box Company 

Simply Ribbons 

Enjoy your wrapping and using ribbons!  

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