Joanna and Lucy visit BBC Radio Oxford

Joanna and Lucy visit BBC Radio Oxford


Today I was invited with my Sheep Poo, Lucy, to visit BBC Radio Oxford to talk about all things coronation! 

Yesterday, I was contacted by the researcher at the BBC Oxford as she had seen our post on Twitter  about the coronation and some of our products we have on offer for our customers to purchase leading up to the big day.

I was super excited about being found and also that the BBC had thought my products were really great and interesting for the coronation.  The product they really interested in was the bespoke cut out of King Charles III which is of the king and he is half the size of a full standee and the cut out will sit on a chair next to you at your table.  To see the product please click on this link King Charles Cut out  

I talked about all the new products we have for the coronation and what we were offering but also our designs and thoughts for the coming year and what we were going to offer in the way of merchandise and stationery.

If you would like to listen to the short clip then click on the link and forward to 11.30a.m. on the clip and you can hear my interview, with Lucy! 

Joanna and Lucy on BBC Radio Oxford 


Lucy at BBC Radio Oxford


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