Announcement from Hopping Dog Cards

Announcement from Hopping Dog Cards

Announcement from Hopping Dog Cards 

HM, Queen Elizabeth II


Over the past week we have received the sad news Her Majesty has died on the 8th September 2022.  We have been shocked but, not surprised as we all knew this day would arrive.


It has made us all reflective of the incredible life of service the Queen has given our country and the Commonwealth.  For myself I have been very lucky to live through her reign and see the enormous changes in all areas of my life.  We now have a thriving world rich in technology and innovation, one that is ever growing and moving forward.  The Queen always embraced such changes but, never forgot her standards and devotion to the people of her country and the Commonwealth.


I have been really moved (and been part of) to see the huge outpouring of genuine affection and respect for HM, The Queen.  This is because of her complete understanding of duty and faithfulness which ran through everything she did in her life.


As a mark of respect        will be closed on Monday 19th September, this is so we can watch the funeral, along with the country to say farewell.


Thank you for your dedication and loyalty to our country and the Commonwealth your Majesty.

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