Our Values and Sustainability

 Hopping Dog Cards

Here are Hopping Dog Cards we take our values and our view in sustainability very seriously.  What this mean is that we try really hard to make the right choices for our business and customers so we all do "our bit' for our world.  

What we have put in place is to really help deliver on our ethos.  Below we have itemised how Hopping Dog Cards is doing for our precious world and environment.  

All paper we are buying for our lovely greetings cards is bought form our paper merchants and we give a donation to THE WORLD LAND TRUST to help with maintaining our forests around the world.  Please visit the page on our parent companies website here Carbon Balanced Paper 

We buy all our paper from paper merchants/mills based in the United Kingdom, this means we do not have to ship from Italy, France and China.  This helps on our carbon footprint. 

We are constantly striving to find papers that are FSC or recycled too this helps with producing a more environmental greetings card.   We also make sure we do not compromise on the quality of our cards and stationery. 

We always look for new technology as it happens over the print and paper industries.  This helps us deliver beautiful stationery that is innovative and creative.  One such print technique is SCODIX a lovely embossed gloss of foil finish to print.  

Our top print supplier is based in Northamptonshire and we work closely with them to develop our range of products.  They carry out all our research and development for us to make sure all our cards are what we want.  This print supplier is an independent business. 

Our mugs are made in the UK from fine bone china.  They are made in Staffordshire and are printed and hand finished in the Potteries.  We buy all our bone china from a family run business in Staffordshire. 

We do not import any of our products they are all sourced in the UK and British made. 

World Land Trust


We are currently looking at papers which are compostable and biodegradable which we hope to work with in the near future.

Through our parent company we are able to give help to our two charities 

Cherwell Theatre Company 

Nutkin Ward.  

We will continue to strive and make the commitment to keep innovating and deliver great stationery for a great price with strong environmental credentials 


Thank you for reading our mission and values and we hope you enjoy our stationery.